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Help adding a watermark to an existing PDF File

ETR_Admin wrote on 2020-11-10:
I would like assistance on how to add an existing watermark image (png or jpg) file to an existing PDF file.

We currently use the cURL option to use PDFCrowd so I would be needing to know the arguments to pass in via http post.

Looking in the API docs, I only saw an example of adding a watermark pdf, to an existing pdf.
This won't work, because, the way our application works, we would be generating the watermark image each time. So if that's a PDF, then we would need to call the PDFCrowd API twice. Once to convert the watermark image to pdf, then second time to add that watermark pdf to the pdf file. This would eat into our credits, and increase the cost of what we are trying to do.

Please provide me with instructions on how to pass a .png or .jpg file as the watermark to an existing pdf.

support wrote on 2020-11-10:
Hi Ali,

The only option now is to convert image to PDF and add it as a watermark. So there are 2 conversion needed.

I'll put your request to our list of future improvements.