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Ip Range

PabloLopez wrote on 2020-06-22:
Please can you say me the Ip range for the ??
support wrote on 2020-06-22:
Our service is hosted in Google Cloud. If your system supports ASN (Autonomous system number), you can whitelist ASN 15169 to allow inbound requests from the service.

Alternatively, you can obtain the IP ranges using the following gist:

However, the IP ranges can change anytime so the ASN is definitely the preferred way.

You may also consider the following 3 options to detect inbound requests from Pdfcrowd:

1. You can use the setCustomHttpHeader() API method to add a custom HTTP header to inbound server requests. You can assign a specific value to the header and then verify the header value when the request arrives to your server. Cookies can be used for this purpose as well (setCookies() API method). The easiest option is to check for the presence of the X-Pdfcrowd HTTP header which we automatically send with each inbound request.

2. You can use HTTP basic authentication on your server and authenticate inbound requests from our service with the setHttpAuth() method.

3. You can use a client side certificate via the setClientCertificate() API method if your web server supports this authentication method. Here is a tutorial for Nginx:
PabloLopez wrote on 2020-06-22:
Hey the bash is not working
I need a Ip range for my Azure Netzwerk security Group
support wrote on 2020-06-22:
Here it the current output from the bash: