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Header height leaves empty space if header is excluded

Dorsheleg wrote on 2020-02-13:
I'm using .NET conversion from HTML to PDF.
I want to exclude my header only from the last page and so I did with:


But even though I excluded the header, the header height property is still present on this page, which leaves an empty white space on top of the page..

Is there any workaround or a way to exclude the header height from the last page only?
or maybe set the header height to automatically fit the header HTML? it might work for me

support wrote on 2020-02-14:

Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward way to do this. One option is described here:


Another option is to wrap the HTML contents in a 2x1 HTML table where the first row is a table header that repeats on each page and the second row is the HTML contents except the last page.