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Different header on first page of pdf than rest of the pages JAVA

anup.a wrote on 2019-11-29:

I'm using HTML to PDF conversion API. We have a method client.setHtmlHeader(), which sets the same headers to all of the pdf pages.

Is it possible in PDFCrowd to set a different header to the required page (I need it for the first page)?

If not, please let me know if anyone has written any utility etc

support wrote on 2019-11-29:
I may be achieved by running 2 conversions and join outputs together.
e.g. in C#

pdfcrowd.HtmlToPdfClient client =
new pdfcrowd.HtmlToPdfClient("demo", "ce544b6ea52a5621fb9d55f8b542d14d");

// run 1st page conversion
client.setHeaderHtml("First page header");
byte[] pdf1 = client.convertUrl('your-url');

// run the rest pages conversion
client.setHeaderHtml("Different page header");
byte[] pdf2 = client.convertUrl('your-url');

pdfcrowd.PdfToPdfClient merger =
new pdfcrowd.PdfToPdfClient("demo", "ce544b6ea52a5621fb9d55f8b542d14d");

anup.a wrote on 2019-11-29:
That was a quick reply and resolved my blocker.

leapsys wrote on 2020-02-07:
That's a nice way to resolve the extraneous space issue on pages which exclude the header/footer if you don't want that empty space on those pages. But would this technique count as three(3) credits against your license?
support wrote on 2020-02-07:
Yes, this procedure requires 3 conversions because it runs in 3 steps.
support wrote on 2021-03-11:
Our new version supports different header/footer on each page.
Just enable a special CSS annotation by setHeaderFooterCssAnnotation
and use new CSS classes in your header/footer HTML.

See example