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503 error with API?

VerbMedia wrote on 2019-04-16:
I have been unable to use the API to convert to PDF since yesterday, the service has been returning a 'maintenance, capacity or downtime' problem as well as a 503 Service Unavailable error, is there anything I can do about this other than just wait?

I have a series of PDFs that need to go out to clients, so waiting for an unknown amount of time for a fix is not a tenable solution.
support wrote on 2019-04-16:
API v2 doesn't return error 503. It seems to be a problem with network on your side. No other client has the same issue. Please contact you ISP and check your firewall settings.

You can try some network utilities to measure the connection, e.g.
$ mtr --report
$ ping -c 10
$ traceroute
VerbMedia wrote on 2019-04-16:
Looks like I was able to solve this by putting a 5 second timeout between API conversion requests.

I was attempting to use a 2 second timeout, as per the API documentation (max 30 requests/minute) but I guess that was too fast.

Thanks for the quick reply.