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Browser URL Syntax

kaywic wrote on 2019-01-23:
I am using a block based application builder, and I would like the syntax for using HTML-PDF, via POST but through a browser URL, and not using curl.

I can not see any syntax examples for it, or documentation.

Example I want to do a post something like, to

Can you give me some pointers
support wrote on 2019-01-24:
Please try our examples project on Github:
kaywic wrote on 2019-01-24:
I do not see any URL options there. Only Javascript. Are there any other URL options?
kaywic wrote on 2019-01-25:
In addition I tried the AJAX, and I was only able to get it working twice.

Each time my credit count would go down, but I would not receive the PDF.

So out of the 13 attempts, only two resulted in a download. That is from the AJAX solution presented above.

Please advise.
support wrote on 2019-01-25:

Parameters for conversion API should be passed in a request body as mutipart or urlencoded.

Here is the list of all HTTP POST options:

Please send your JS code using Pdfcrowd API to
kaywic wrote on 2019-01-28:
Can you give me an HTTPS request example of sending a URL for PDF . conversion. I just need the syntax please of apikey, url, pdf etc as a POST request.

I cannot find the example.
support wrote on 2019-01-29:

Here is POST example via curl:

If you want to send a POST to our API from a browser, javascript is needed because the API uses basic auth:

It is not possible to specify a conversion as an URL because the API authentication must be sent in the HTTP headers and conversion parameters are encoded in the POST request body.