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Charts are missing from generated PDF reports

kamals wrote on 2018-12-18:
We are using PDFCrowd to convert HTML to PDF. Our reports contains charts. These charts are built using HighChart java script library. We just observed that charts are missing from generated PDF reports. Everything was working fine till few weeks back. We are using same code that was working earlier and have not modified anything around that code.

I am attaching one zip file that contains following four files for your debugging:
A sample HTML file that we use to generate PDF reports.
PDF files generated using PDFCrowd :-
One PDF that contains chart (generated few week back)
PDF with missing charts.
A rough version of a java program to generate PDF.

We are using pdfcrowd-4.3.0.jar and API V1.

Please have a look and let me know the fix ASAP. This is a blocker for our production deployment.
support wrote on 2018-12-18:
HTML documents using the Highcharts library version 7.x (released on 2018-12-11) or above are not rendered correctly in API v1. In order to resolve the issue, you have these two options:

1/ Use the 6.2 version which is known to work with API v1

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

2/ Or switch your implementation to API v2 which supports the latest Highcharts library version.
kamals wrote on 2018-12-18:
Our reports was working fine with HighChart 7.x library till few week back. On a sudden charts are missing from reports. Could you please suggest why was it working earlier with HighChart 7.x.

FYI: Its more than a year we are using HighChart 7.x.
support wrote on 2018-12-18:
You have the following line in your code which loads the latest stable highcharts version:
<script src=""></script>

According to the changelog, until 11th December 2018 the stable version was 6.2, from 11th December the new stable version is 7.0.0.
kamals wrote on 2018-12-19:
I got it. Thanks for prompt support.