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Transparent PNGs present with black bakground

muse-dev wrote on 2018-07-30:
I'm using the latest Api (did not help issue), and following instructions/ examples as provided in docs. PNGs display fine in standard html, but have black backgrounds on pdfcrowd output. All transparent PNGs from multiple sources. All work everywhere else but in this api.

I've seen this issue posted multiple times with no credible, clear explanation. It would be helpful if you simply provided a proof-positive sample of code, *with an image*, that does what users require. Uploading to your web service is not helpful -- we can;t see the code and it's probably not in the language/platform we're using. Displaying variable transparent PNGs has to be a huge part of this service's usage. The expectation is that if it displays one way in html, it will display the same way in the PDF. That's the whole promise of the product.

Perhaps this hasn't been tested in a .NET environment?

If the platform doesn't support transparent PNG files, please speak plainly and tell us. I've tried no styles, with styles, setting transparent, you name it. Nothing works. Please advise so we can either change requirements or use a different service.
support wrote on 2018-07-31:

The API v1 doesn't support transparent paletted PNG images, it renders black backgrounds. This is fixed in API v2.

Please provide a sample HTML document or a web page that demonstrates the problem with PNG images in API v2 and we will look into it.
Cisco wrote on 2018-08-20:
Do you recommend straight up switching to the API v2 btw?
support wrote on 2018-08-20:

Yes, we definitely encourage users to use API v2. If you have an existing API v1 implementation, you can follow our API v2 migration guide.