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PDF files with bar charts are really slow in beta API

CreativeCoaching wrote on 2018-05-11:
I have a PDF file of 20 pages with bar charts built in CSS, and a few paragraphs of text.
In the old API, I can easily open the generated PDF file in Apple Preview.
With the new API, Apple Preview is really slugging it. It renders the paragraphs of text immediately but the bar charts load in very slowly, and when scrolling, do not load in on subsequent pages.
There are no issues with Adobe Acrobat for either of the files.
Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do about it?
support wrote on 2018-05-11:

Please send us the source HTML document and the resulting PDF file to and we will look into it.
nameispalmer wrote on 2018-05-24:
I faced the same issue when new API came out as well, but yet I think there were some issues with Adobe for sure. I use several applications to work with files of PDF extension, both software and browser ones, and Adobe was the only one failed with reading it. Foxit did it right, then I tried to open it with PDFfiller and edit some **** and everything went fine. So maybe we shall just wait for the next Acrobat update or something
allenparker wrote on 2018-07-09:
The issue is faced by the user repeatedly which is not having the normal error, in fact, you can have the HTML file with the error just need to find the API is correct or not because the pdf file is not able to work in a proper manner. just because Macbook customer service will not able to really work under the chart while using the beta process so you can find out the solution soon.
support wrote on 2018-07-10:
It seems to be a bug in Adobe Preview. There are some workarounds in the discussion:

Please send the PDF to us ( or validate it here:

or contact Apple support.