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PHP No footer on first page

chevrolux wrote on 2018-03-25:
Hi there,
I am using PHP with the new beta API. It is all working perfectly. I just have one question I have not been able to answer through googling alone, is can I remove the footer off just the first page?

Here is the current set up I am using...
$pdfclient = new \Pdfcrowd\HtmlToPdfClient("user", "xx-api-key-xx");
$pdfclient->convertUrlToFile($pdfBody, $pdfOutput);

Any help much appreciated.
support wrote on 2018-03-26:

Yes. It can be done by the setExcludeFooterOnPages method.

Please see details:
chevrolux wrote on 2018-03-27:
Hah! Wow, clearly I didn't read the documentation properly. Thank you for your help!