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ASP.Net Repeater control not rendered

ccoolacaixa wrote on 2018-01-10:
I am using pdfcrowd without problems, except in a case in which I convert to pdf an page with a Repeater control that is not rendered when generating the pdf
support wrote on 2018-01-11:
You can try the new version of our API to see if it resolves your issue.
Please use our web form with your URL for a quick test or use the new API (it is currently in beta and it is free to use).

You can activate access to the new API here:

You need to install the latest API client library:

Update your code according to the new documentation because new API has somewhat different syntax:
ccoolacaixa wrote on 2018-01-14:
With the new api does not work either...

Any ideas ?
support wrote on 2018-01-14:

Can you send us an URL you are trying to convert and your code using our API?

Tutorial for Repeater works fine: