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Line of text split between two pages

wpcs_philip wrote on 2018-01-09:

For the page, if you create the PDF the word 'recreation' on the right side is split between two pages. How can we solve this? The PDF generated is attached.


support wrote on 2018-01-10:
Hello Philip,

Please send your options used for the HTML to PDF conversion to

Your url seems to be ok when used in our web form conversion.
support wrote on 2018-01-11:
Hello Philip,
To avoid a page break inside an element try e.g. this CSS:
ul { page-break-inside: avoid; }

Our web forms run on the new version. You can try it too to see if it resolves your issue.
The new version is currently in beta and it is free to use.

You can activate access to the new API here:

You need to install the latest API client library:

Update your code according to the new documentation because new API has somewhat different syntax: