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Could not resolve host

sergeaubin wrote on 2017-12-08:
I am getting the following error intermittently:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught [6] Could not resolve host:

What is causing this?
support wrote on 2017-12-11:

This error message indicates a failure to resolve to an IP address.

Possible causes may be a lack of network/internet connectivity, a DNS server misconfiguration, a firewall, or there is another restriction in your network.

I would recommend that you contact your network administrator or ISP to see if they're able to assist you with troubleshooting the problem.
sergeaubin wrote on 2017-12-11:
what i find strange is i can access website but the url to pdf api does not work???
support wrote on 2017-12-11:
API servers are on different machine than web site.

You can try some network diagnostic tools to see the route to our servers e.g.
$ mtr -rw

If you are using new (Beta) API, try also:
$ mtr -rw