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How to view javascript errors of distilled document

Alto wrote on 2017-12-07:

we'r experiencing some javascript errors in the converted/distilled html document but we have no idea what errors are those (as we see only resulting 'broken' PDF).
From the browser perspective the document is fully working with no errors (when we open that same url in a browser).

Is there any way to view errors of a single transformation/distillation process (url)?
I saw there is some remote error log like - is it for new API only? How to utilize it?
How to get any feedback about whatever failed in the javascript on the transformation side?
We'r using normal API (and have a dedicated API server).

Thanks for any hint/info.
support wrote on 2017-12-07:

Debug logging is available for the new beta API only. You can enable it with the getDebugLog() method.

You can find debug logs for your conversions here:

There is no such option for the current API.
Alto wrote on 2017-12-07:
Ok, and is there any 'tool' or 'external service' (or any other possible solution) that you could recommend to use to verify/check what problem we'r experiencing?
As i said - the page that is being distilled is fully working in any other browsers (Chrome/Firefox/IE) with no problems - and the complexity of the page is quite big thus we look for a way to at least hint us at where the problem lies (sheding any light on the possible cause would be very helpful).
support wrote on 2017-12-08:
The debug logs in the new API should reveal any potential issues.

If you use the current stable API, there is no easy way to check what the problem is. Most likely, the problem is on our side as the current API uses an HTML rendering technology that is several years old and may not work correctly in some cases.

The new API is based on the latest technologies and should render your HTML correctly.