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Can't download the new BETA version

roylahmy wrote on 2017-11-08:

whenever i download the beta version i get the same version as the stable version

i want to use some of the new function yet no matter how many times i download the api i get the stable api, and i can't seem to be able to call some new functions like:

setCookies or other functions that i need

can you send the version to me or post it somewhere?

support wrote on 2017-11-08:

The library supports both versions. The difference is how the client is instantiated. To use the beta API in .NET, create the client like this:
pdfcrowd.HtmlToPdfClient client = new pdfcrowd.HtmlToPdfClient(username, apikey);

More examples here:
mdazhar05 wrote on 2017-11-09:
Hi Team,

I'm getting plain/text document while converting html to pdf using java code.can you please let me know where i'm going wrong.

public static void main(String[] args) {
FileOutputStream fileStream;

// create an API client instance
Client client = new Client("harish19", "b00b5a2243fa85fee452caabb1a5e2ea");

// convert a web page and save the PDF to a file

// convert an HTML file
fileStream = new FileOutputStream("/home/azhar/Desktop/file_2.pdf");
client.convertFile("/home/azhar/Desktop/flights_Failed_O.html", fileStream);

// retrieve the number of credits in your account
Integer ncredits = client.numTokens();
catch(PdfcrowdError why) {
catch(IOException exc) {
// handle the exception