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How do i send data to the printed page?

roylahmy wrote on 2017-11-06:
I would like to know how to send data to the printed page using POST or other methods (just not GET)?
i am using convert_url method
support wrote on 2017-11-07:

I'm not sure I understand your questions. Could you please explain in a greater detail? Thank you.
roylahmy wrote on 2017-11-07:
I want to send all kinds of information to the printed page:

(using C# /.NET)
In my case i send an array containing values to the page i want to print.
those values are essential for the html to be created properly.

I can send the array with GET - and then in the printed page get the values through the query string,
But this would be problematic for me as this array can get very big so it's inefficient.

So my question is:

Can i transfer the data/array with POST or maybe with COOKIES to the page that getting converted to pdf?

for example maybe i have a way to add COOKIES like this:
(using C# /.NET)

client.AddCookies("myArr", string[] myArr);

And then at the receiving page do something like:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string[] myArr = Request.Cookies.GetKey("myArr");

thanks again
support wrote on 2017-11-07:

The API can send GET only.

As for cookies, our new API can send cookies using the setCookies() method. Another option to send data to your page is through HTTP headers, you can use setCustomHttpHeader().

These methods are available in the new API only, you can learn more here: