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Regarding Fatal Error

ashik wrote on 2017-11-02:

Please help me in the following:

Fatal error: Uncaught 60 - SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate thrown in D:\xampp\htdocs\ctrsArchUIv2\application\helpers\pdfcrowd_helper.php on line 715

My limited credit was over two days back and I made a renew request to support team. They helped me on upgrading one another 100 credit and also mentioned me that to convert to beta version and will get unlimited credits. So I did the same and also used the new API document integration on my PHP codes. But while I try loading I receive the above fatal error. Please help me. I also attach my code below for reference.

// create the API client instance
$client = new \Pdfcrowd\HtmlToPdfClient('user-name', 'api-key');
// run the conversion and write the result to a file
$client->convertUrlToFile('', 'example.pdf');
support wrote on 2017-11-02:
Hello Ashik,

It seems to be a problem with your PHP configuration.
Please check answers here:

The workaround for you is to use just HTTP by our API method setUseHttp, but HTTPs access is preferable way: