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Overlay images and some div not shown in pdf

sween wrote on 2017-11-02:
Some images with overlay and div not shown in pdf file.

as url link is:
support wrote on 2017-11-02:
Hello Sween,
?You are using CSS3 features on your pages. These are not supported by original Pdfcrowd API. I'd recommend you to switch your implementation to the new generation API.
-- ?

?I tried your page with the following command and it looks nice:
$ curl -v -o /tmp/nummeroservices.pdf -u "your-user-name:your-api-key" -F url= -F javascript_delay=5000

?I used javascript_delay option but you can optimize it by using wait_for_element_id option.
?Please see details in our documentation according your preferable programming language.