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Chrome on Iphone/Ipad not valid PDF

danieros wrote on 2017-08-18:
Hi guys. For simplicity sake I went back to example for ASPX generating PDF using client.convertURI("", Stream); I copied all the code exactly as per the example and I generate PDF successfully on all desktop browsers and even in Safari on IOS devices. In Chrome the PDF also generates inline (not ideal but different issue I will address) however if you click on Save in IBooks or any PDF it simply comes back as not valid PDF. I spent half a day now looking for a solution of if it is a known issue with PDF's on Chrome on iPhone but no luck. My client employees all use iphones and of course as luck will have it Chrome browsers on the iphone and all experience same issue.
support wrote on 2017-08-18:

Please sent PDF which can't be open to
We can inspect it.
danieros wrote on 2017-08-18:
We also get error when trying to produce.
mccorkle wrote on 2017-08-21:
Though that file has a .pdf extension, it is an html document. Open it in your text editor and you will see the html.

Perhaps the code is writing the html streamed output to the opened file instead of the PDF? I'm just guessing though.