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502 'Sorry, we couldn't process your request.' on a < 2 second page

mccorkle wrote on 2017-08-03:
I've got a public URL that completes download in under 2 seconds that sporadically gives me 502's when calling via curl with the following page setup. I read in other places in the forum that this could happen if my request takes > 40 seconds, but unless it is taking the backend > 38 seconds to rescale the pages, I can't see how this is the case.

I've munged the example below to remove sensitive data, but I can PM you the exact url if you need that to reproduce.

$ curl --silent -F src= \
>    -F username=<REMOVED>  \
>    -F key=<REMOVED>  \
>    -F page_layout=2  \
>    -F width=11in  \
>    -F height=17in  \
>    -F html_zoom=80  \
>    -F pdf_scaling_factor=.6 \
>    -w %{http_code}-%{content_type} \
>    -o curl.pdf

$ cat curl.pdf 
Sorry, we couldn't process your request.
support wrote on 2017-08-04:

Please send us the URL that you can't convert to and we will look into it.
mccorkle wrote on 2017-08-04:
I will email it to I do not want to post it in a public forum.

mccorkle wrote on 2017-08-21:
Just in case anyone else has this issue and finds this thread -- I've spoken with pdfCrowd support and they have confirmed the issue. They are working on a new version of their server side code which resolves this. I will update this thread when I get the new API and integrate it into my python code.