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Table head on multiple pages (thead)

betatest wrote on 2017-07-12:
My client is a long time pdfcrowd customer that I referred and I have a project now that requires the HTML thead on each page. This works quite well with the OS print dialog but there are no headers on subsequent pages with the generated PDFs. I found another thread about this from years ago (,1720) but still no solutions.

I tried and could use the HTML header API parameter but the problem is that the data and columns are variable so it's not really an option. Is there any way to accomplish this task with pdfcrowd? Is there any planned support for THEAD? Thanks for any help!
support wrote on 2017-07-25:

The repeating thead element should be supported later this year.
palleindexed wrote on 2018-10-18:
Is this supported now?
support wrote on 2018-10-18:
Yes, it's supported by API v2 and our conversion forms.