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Password protected site, PDFcrowd doesn't work??

scoutabout wrote on 2017-06-30:
I'm trying to PDF some pages on a password protected website and PDFcrowd only gives me the standard login page instead of the page I'm viewing. Is there a setting somewhere or is this a limitation?
support wrote on 2017-06-30:

If your site uses basic authorization. You can use authentication via HTTP.
this sends the credentials in the standard HTTP "Authorization" header.

If your site uses cookie/session based authorization. There are two ways how one can work around it:
1) You can use the convertHTML() API method which lets you upload the HTML content of the protected page instead of passing the protected URL of the protected page. If the HTML code uses external resources (css, images, ..), it must refer to them using absolute URLs.
2) Or your application can make the page content temporarily accessible on a cookie-less but impossible-to-guess URL, and pass this URL to the convertURI() method. An example of such a URL:
scoutabout wrote on 2017-06-30:
Thank you and where would I make these changes?
support wrote on 2017-06-30:

I see that your have only Browser license, so you can't call convertURL mehtod.
But you can place url with user name and password into Address field in