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Extra space to right of PDF

echorabbit wrote on 2017-05-24:

I am having an issue with converting an HTML page to PDF. I am trying to use landscape and have tried preconfigured and custom and can't seem to figure out why the PDF generated has extra space to the right. I tried changing pdf zoom to 300% (doesn't seem to have any effect), I have manually set the width and height and for some reason when I set a smaller width it just compresses the image?

Maybe I am missing something but I spent a long time adjusting CSS, removing margins and padding, setting widths, nothing works.

The page I am trying to convert into a full landscape pdf is
support wrote on 2017-05-25:

We investigated the issue but unfortunately we were unable to figure out why the page is printed with the extra space. One thing that could help is that you try to change the HTML contents width from a relative value (%) to an absolute one (pixels).