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Queries related to usage of PDFcrowd

vikas12321 wrote on 2017-04-27:
Hi PDFcrowd support,

We will need following information from you. I request you to kindly provide us with the same.

1. What are the charges if we exceed the limit of 20,000 PDFs
2. If we use Java library of the PDFcrowd, does it send data to server to convert it into PDF?
3. In continueation to question 2, can we generate PDF offline?
support wrote on 2017-05-07:

1/ If you need more than 20,000 PDFs, we can offer an unlimited API package. Please contact us at for details.
2/ Yes, it does. Pdfcrowd is a web service, PDFs are generated on our servers.
3/ We do not offer a standalone library that you could integrate without using our online service.