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gulfa wrote on 2017-04-25:
I am trying to create a pdf of a html file with many mapbox.js maps. The zipfile for this can be found here:

When rendering the report only some of the maps show and they show in different amounts each time I try to create the pdf.

1. How can I get all the mapbox.js maps to render properly?
2. For the first map the regions should be coloured as a choropleth map. Why is this not working?
3. Multiple pngs in the pdf have transparent backgrounds, but are displayed with a strange background colour. How can this be fixed?

Thank you very much!
support wrote on 2017-04-26:

It seems that the page loads the maps dynamically after the document has loaded. Unfortunately, our system does not work reliably in such a case and there is no easy work around at this moment.

As for the PNGs, most likely the problem is caused by the fact that they use paletted color with alpha. Our software does not fully support this PNG sub-format. The solution is to re-save the images to a non-palette PNG format (true color and alpha).