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Urgent Help about Purchase and other

audixx wrote on 2017-03-24:
Hello , I also sent you an email but couldnt get reply, may be i couldnt recieve it.
We loved your product and solution. But the biggest problem is we are in Turkey. What does it mean ? Paypal doesnt accept payments from Turkey.

We are now testing your product, we are having some issues.
Please add us extra trial credits, our pdfs are 1.2mb each, so the trial credits will finish very shortly. And still we couldnt finish the html design part.

Question : how do we expand the width of the footer ? We were using another rproduct before (Winnovative) but it creates problem when you render a pdf which is more than 30 pages. We were using footer with that tool and it was very easy to change the width the footer. But we couldnt find how to do it with your tool.

Please help us about the, extra trial credits, footer, and the payment..

And is there any panel where we can check how many credits left ?