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[Python Library] setPageLayout -- cannot find "One Long Page" like in web app wrote on 2017-03-01:

I am using the Python API and I cannot figure out how to get the page to be a single continuous page like when the checkbox on site is checked (

I've tried setting: client.setPageLayout(1), client.setPageLayout(2), client.setPageLayout(3)

I believe 1 should be the correct setting for ths, but it doesnt appear to work.
support wrote on 2017-03-02:

The following should do the trick:
client.setPageLayout(-1) wrote on 2017-03-03:

With client.setPageLayout(-1)

I get this
File "C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\", line 180, in setPageLayout
assert value > 0 and value <= 3

Process finished with exit code 1

It looks like only options are 1, 2, 3 -- and none appear to match output of site with single continuous page.
support wrote on 2017-03-06:

Oops, it should have been:

Sorry for the confusion. wrote on 2017-03-10:
This 'appears' to work, as it is now 1 page, but there is no longer any content on the page - it's all white :(
support wrote on 2017-03-14:

Unfortunately, the "single page" feature does not work reliably in some cases depending on the actual HTML code being converted.