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Online convert and API key convert output is differ.

ananda wrote on 2017-02-24:
Hi Team,

I am doing POC on report. I am checking feasibility test. Please look into both screen shot. I am converting HTML via API key and online convert.

Special on high chart. Can you help me on this. same HTML but I am getting different output.

Thank you.
support wrote on 2017-02-27:

Please show us your API implementation and we will look into it.
ananda wrote on 2017-02-28:
I got online licence. now both are working same. only in trail that problem was coming.
ananda wrote on 2017-03-09:
Hi Team,

I have licence for online conversation and API conversation. When I am using API key and generate margin is more. same setting I kept in API.

1. 210mm *298mm
2. vertical & horizontal is 0.0 in

and I tried
client.setPageMargins("0mm", "0mm", "0mm", "0mm");

I attached image of bottom

Can you help me to resolve this issue.
support wrote on 2017-03-14:

Thank you for the information. Could you please also show us the HTML document or the web page you are trying to convert?