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Gmail blocking pdfcrowd formed attachment to email

vnzjunk wrote on 2017-01-12:
I have been using and greatly enjoying the chrome pdfcrowd app for quite a while now.

Recently when I try to attach a .pdf file formed using the pdfcrowd app to a gmail email I get notified that the attachment contains a virus and the email is blocked from being sent.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
vnzjunk wrote on 2017-02-04:
I am happy to report that after many months of the gmail virus flag and block I was able to convert a page into .pdf and send it as an attachment to gmail.

Thanks very much for looking into the issue and keep up the good work on your fine app offerings.
support wrote on 2017-02-05:

Thank you for reporting back. We had reported the issue to Google and it indeed seems to be fixed now.