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dynamically added content

createsean wrote on 2016-12-27:
I'm working on building out a pdf portfolio creator for a client. What happens is on the page there are dozens of images which when clicked get added to another part of the page. In that section the user can then click an edit icon where they can add a title and description to the image. Finally there is a save button which copies the final content to a new div and theoretically saves the php, but currently just displays it in a pink background on page. - there are a couple of other bugs with the Quill editor but the basic functionality is all there.

What I need to do is figure out how to get only the content from this final div into pdfCrowd with

$pdf = $client->convertHTML("all my content here");

I'm not a php programmer and as such am lost on how to grab the dynamic content add it here.

I have a staging site where you can see everything that I've described

Please advise.
support wrote on 2017-01-01:

Pdfcrowd does not support converting only a portion of a web page, sorry.
createsean wrote on 2017-01-02:
I figured out how to do that. Copied everything to a text area and then submitted a form with contents and pused $_POST variable to print what I needed.