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Creating PDFbefore app has loaded.

rando wrote on 2016-12-22:
Hi, I think I'm missing something obvious here.

I have a MeteorJS app.

When I render a page with pdfcrowd the pdf's are blank (except for footer). So I'm guessing pdfcrowd isn't waiting for the page to finish loading.

With webshot/phantomjs I was calling a function on window to indicate the page was done loading.
if (window.callPhantom && Meteor.userId()) {
Meteor.setTimeout(function() {
}, 500);

How do I do this with pdfCrowd?

We are evaluating pdfCrowd because HighCharts is a PITA to render.


support wrote on 2017-01-01:
Hello Mike,

The API does not currently provide any option to wait until the page is loaded completely. However, as far as HighCharts are concerned, turning the initial chart animation off should resolve the issue.
bluesol wrote on 2017-05-22:
Any idea when the timeout feature?

I also have a chart in my layout that needs more time to load.