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Page with Google Chart did not display in PDF

razlie wrote on 2016-12-06:
I would like to convert this page with google chart that i created in pdf but nothing comes out.. the page is as follow:
support wrote on 2016-12-08:

Unfortunately, our system does not work reliably with the latest Google Charts release at this moment. You can try one of the older frozen versions as described here:

philippe wrote on 2017-06-01:
Hi, can you tell me exactly what version I need to use? I've tried every single one from frozen 41 up to current, but in all of them the chart wasn't in the PDF.

I think it might be because the chart takes a little bit longer to load and PDF crowd doesn't wait enough for it to be ready.

Do you guys have any workaround for this?

I have a paid account under the login claracloud

support wrote on 2017-06-02:

Our system had worked with Google Charts in the past so we supposed that at least the oldest frozen version works with Pdfcrowd. Do you have a sample code that uses version 41 and is not working?
raghwendraojha wrote on 2017-06-30:
Yeah I am facing same problem. Google graph of this page is not printing. I would like to buy your plan but main problem with google graph can you please rectify it ASAP?
support wrote on 2017-06-30:

Please try some older version of google chart library.