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Pdf chopping content at page breaks

Schwelli wrote on 2016-10-13:

We are using PDF Crowd to convert a HTML newletter to PDF.

I'm finding the content is getting chopped oddly when the next pdf page gets generated. Sometimes it will chop through a line of text. In the example below it cuts a section heading:

It's a CMS system, so the content is different every time. I've been trying to control the breaks by using:

@media print {
div {page-break-inside: avoid;}

and I've tried display table; also.

Is there anything else CSSey that you can suggest? Or some other solution? Thanks.
support wrote on 2016-10-17:

This issue sometimes occurs with multi-column div layouts. Unfortunately, there isn't an universal recipe to avoid it. If this problems occurs, we recommend using tabular layout instead of floating divs.