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REST API - submitting url with querystrings

pharmark wrote on 2016-10-13:

I'm using the REST api and need to submit a POST request where the uri to be converted includes a query string.

So I've got the body of my request like this:


And of course, this causes issues as the ? and the final & are interpreted as part of the POST - and not part of the src

I've tried URL encoding it like this:


But that doesn't seem to work. I just get the webpage without the variables.

Any advice?

support wrote on 2016-10-17:

The URL encoded version should work. Which software are you using to make the POST request?
pharmark wrote on 2016-10-17:
It's part of a CMS system - if it should work with URL encoding I will have another look and see if something else is causing it to fail.