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PDF Crowd and 500 error Wordpress Woocommerce

DSM_Brett wrote on 2016-10-05:
The PDFCrowd code is causing a server error when trying to create/edit a product in the WooCommerce plugin Wordpress.

This was a development website that went on hold earlier this year. It was working perfectly before all the updates WooCommerce and Wordpress over this year.

Has anyone experienced this or can help me fix it.
support wrote on 2016-10-06:

If you can post here a link to a web page that we can use to reproduce the error, we will look into it.
DSM_Brett wrote on 2016-10-10:

I can't sow you a page because the error happens when new products are created or existing one amended. I can give you a user login to the development site if that would help?
support wrote on 2016-10-11:

OK, please send us the details to