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Smaller AngularJS app not rendering

NorthMcCormick wrote on 2016-09-08:

I have been struggling to get my angularJS app to work. The site is very snappy and should load up very quick.

Here is the link that I'm testing (it should display a page with a bunch of "a" on new lines) and all I can get out of it is a gray box.

I don't have the ability of pre-rendering the page. Is there a specific browser engine like PhantomJS that I can do more debugging and testing with locally?

Any help is appreciated
support wrote on 2016-09-09:

The page uses 'window.localStorage' which is not supported by our converter at this moment, sorry.
NorthMcCormick wrote on 2016-09-09:
The page does not require local storage, just by having it breaks the converter?
support wrote on 2016-09-12:

Our converter aborts Javascript execution because of the following error:
TypeError: Result of expression 'window.localStorage' [undefined] is not an object. []

The error occurs before the page is rendered.