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Footer font-size and color

wpcs_philip wrote on 2016-08-15:

I can't seem to get the font-size and color styles to work in the FooterHMTL.

If I do this...

$pdfcrowd->setFooterHtml('<div style="text-align:right;display:block;width:33%; float:right; font-size:6px; color:red;">Text'</div>');

...then the block is floated right and 33%, but the font size and color are not affected. If I just do this...

$pdfcrowd->setFooterHtml('<div style="font-size:6px; color:red;">Text'</div>');

...then the float and 33% width goes away, but still not applying the font styles. Tried this just for fun and no luck either...

$pdfcrowd->setFooterHtml('<div><span style="font-size:6px; color:red;">Text'</span></div>');

Any ideas?


support wrote on 2016-08-25:
Hello Philip,

It should work. I noticed there is an extra single-quote after Text. Try to remove it and check to see if it helps.

$pdfcrowd->setFooterHtml('<div style="font-size:6px; color:red;">Text'</div>');