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Can't set footer margin-bottom to create gap between document edge and footer?

growthtek wrote on 2016-06-24:
Hello all,

Just recently started using PDF Crown and am loving it! Trying to figure out a couple things and am trying to create blank space between my footer and the edge of the bottom of the document. I've read that the API sets a default on the footer to a bottom- margin of 0 and would like to figure out how to achieve my desired result. Anyone have any experience with this? I'm using ASP.NET.

Thanks in advance!

support wrote on 2016-07-18:

Specify the bottom margin height greater than the footer height. Example:

1/ client.setPageMargins("0.2in", "0.2in", "1in", "0.2in")

2/ call client.setFooterHtml with the following
<div style="height:50px;margin:0;padding:0">
My Footer