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Default page margins

higgsy wrote on 2016-05-17:

I'm using the APi and I want to set a margin at the bottom of the A4 page so that I can add Page Numbers into the footer. To do so I want a margin at the bottom. Im using the SetPageMargins method, however I only want to change the bottom margin - what are the default margins set on an A4 page when margins are not specified? If i know the default values I can at least use the method like so (assuming the default is something like 10mm):

client.setPageMargins("10mm","10mm", "my custom mm", "10mm")

Many thanks
support wrote on 2016-05-18:

The default margins are "0.2in":
client.setPageMargins("0.2in", "0.2in", "0.2in", "0.2in")