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Pdfcrowd Error: [6] name lookup timed out

whyknott wrote on 2016-05-10:
I'm getting the error "Pdfcrowd Error: [6] name lookup timed out" when I click on one of my Print & Download buttons, it worked before and other site plans work but this one won't for some reason I have no idea why. In Wordpress I set it up the exact same way as all the other neighborhood site plans!!! Any help with this error would be appreciated and this was the closest post I could find to my issue.

Here is the link that gets generated with the error:

Here is the page that you click the Yellow "Print & Download Site Plan" button:

whyknott wrote on 2016-05-10:
I solved my own issue, it was Wordpress related. I had to delete the existing page, create a new one and rename the url to something unique from the original and now the PDF launches perfectly!!