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Conversion very slow

zhengch wrote on 2016-05-05:
When i convert one zip file(include css/img/font), it's very slow, near 5 mins, but it's quickly via online conversion, can please help to share the code for the online process.

FileOutputStream fileStream;
Client client = new Client("xxx", "xxx");

System.out.println("start:"+new Date());
fileStream = new FileOutputStream("D:\\xxx.pdf");
client.convertFile("D:\\", fileStream);

start:Thu May 05 17:31:09 CST 2016

end:Thu May 05 17:35:58 CST 2016

thanks very much.
zhengch wrote on 2016-05-05:
BTW, the size of the zip file is near 10M
support wrote on 2016-05-05:

Could you please share a link where we can download the zip file and test it? If it is confidential, you can send the link to