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Incorrect formatting on 'One Long Page' setting

JBaldwin wrote on 2016-04-17:
Hey there,
I am trying to export a newsletter to a PDF on the 'one long page' setting, so that images are not cut in half with the page breaks. But when I do, the inner column becomes really narrow... with wide blue margins on either side. However when I export the same newsletter across different pages, the inner column displays as full width, which is the way I would like it, but of course now the images are cut in half at page breaks. (Please see attached images for examples.
Is there a way to export the 'one long page' setting with the width of the inner column being as wide as the standard?
Warm regards,
support wrote on 2016-04-18:
Hello Jonathan,

Unfortunately, the "one page" option does not work reliably in all cases. In case of a multi-page PDF you can try to avoid a page break inside elements with this CSS code:
img, td, th { page-break-inside: avoid; }