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Header issue

pushpi wrote on 2016-04-15:

I am using your API to make PDF of wordpress pages . I want header to execute after first PDF page mean i don't want header on the first page .
When i set header it included on all pages.
support wrote on 2016-04-18:

You can use the following:
pushpi wrote on 2016-04-18:

Sir if i have to do this in multiple pages . Can i insert array into this function .

eg. $client->setHeaderFooterPageExcludeList("1,5,8,9");
support wrote on 2016-04-18:
Yes, the array should work.
pushpi wrote on 2016-04-19:
One more question, how can i add a image to PDF page so that it can adjust on full width and height of that page.
and the i tags are not converting .
support wrote on 2016-04-20:
Here is an example. You need to set the size of the outer div so that it matches the PDF page dimensions.
 <div class="page">
   <img style="width:100%;height:100%" src="" />