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Exceeded the limit on the frequency of API calls.

RichAnderson wrote on 2016-04-07:
Please assist we are having the "Exceeded the limit on the frequency of API calls." error.
This is Urgent we need to remove the error. thanks
support wrote on 2016-04-07:

There is probably a loop in your application which causes that the API gets called recursively and returns the error. Here is an explanation:

1/ A user opens/clicks the URL in the browser.
2/ Your application calls the API and passes it the URL (ie itself).
3/ The API loads the URL which calls the API again.
4/ At this point the API returns the 503 error because the API call made in step 2/ has not completed and is still active.

I would recommend that you start logging each API call on your end to understand what is going on.
RichAnderson wrote on 2016-04-07:
will you be able to check how many request we are sending at the moment? Thanks