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502 Error while converting html file

anishbhanwala wrote on 2016-03-28:
When I try to convert html file to PDF I am getting "502 - Sorry we couldn't process your request" error.

Can someone please help me find out why its happening?

support wrote on 2016-03-30:

The URL currently returns an empty response. Did you make any changes on your side?
anishbhanwala wrote on 2016-04-18:
Sorry, couldn't reply earlier.

We have been trying to fix this issue for a while now. Looks like this is related to the file size.
Is there some workaround or some way to get large html files converted to PDF?

This URL should work:

Thanks for looking into it!
support wrote on 2016-04-20:

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the service is unable to convert the page because it triggers an error in our system. We don't know what exactly is causing the error and so we are unable to provide any workaround, sorry.
anishbhanwala wrote on 2016-04-21:
Oh! Please do let me know if you find anything.