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Dynamic page loosing data

hweyrich wrote on 2016-03-23:
My webpage (php file) consists of a form which the visitor is requested to fill in.
The provided data is then sent by POST to a php script for :
- insertion into a mysql Database
- display for the visitor on a separate page of all the data that were inserted on the form.
On that separate page, the visitor has then 2 options :
1. PRINT the page (works fine with all posted data)
2. SAVE AS PDF for later print. This works fine but the inserted DATA DO NOT COME with in the pdf.
The pdf only contents the non-dynamic part of the page.

I use the LINK TO PDF feature of Pdfcrouwd.

What is the solution to achieve the work WITH the dynamic data transmitted to the pdf?
Thank you very much for any input.
support wrote on 2016-03-24:

The Save to PDF Link can't capture changes made locally by a user to a web page. I would recommend that you use the HTML to PDF API <> instead. Here is a rough outline of the needed steps:

1/ Your application displays a form
2/ The visitor adds information
3/ The visitor submits the form and the entered data is sent to your server side application
4/ Your application generates customized HTML from the received data and sends it to the Pdfcrowd API to convert it to PDF
5/ The API returns a PDF and your application sends it back to the visitor.