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HTML to PDF API - Restricted URLs

andrew.gillespie wrote on 2016-03-16:

We are intending to use the 'convertURI' method to implement PDF functionality on our site. The site restricts access to the page's content unless the user is logged into the site.

When using the 'convertURI' method to generate a PDF, how is the content requested from the URL? Is a call made to the page directly from the PDFCrowd server or does this originate from our own webserver where the library is installed? In either case, without additional handling on our side the page would display an access denied message rather than the content.

If my above assumption is correct we will need a method to bypass the logged in check for requests originating from PDFCrowd/our own server. If it originates from PDFCrowd, Is a static IP used for these requests which we could set as a bypass rule?

Many thanks,
support wrote on 2016-03-18:
Hello Andy,

Thank you for your interest in Pdfcrowd. The call is made from our server. The IP address is
andrew.gillespie wrote on 2016-03-18:
Thank you for your response. Is it likely this IP will change in future as we will be coding this as an exception into our application? Obviously if this changes the function will no longer work.
support wrote on 2016-03-18:
Hello Andy,

Our strategy is to keep the IP address stable. We will notify our users in advance in case of any change.