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Emoji characters missing

Alto wrote on 2016-03-08:

we'r having problems with rendering emoji characters - like e.g. ? (html entity equivalent is 😍) or ? (💕) - all such smileys/high unicode characters are rendered in the resulting PDF as 'squares' only (even though in normal browser preview they render just fine).
What is the problem?
How can we improve it?
support wrote on 2016-03-10:

This is most likely caused by the fact that the fonts installed on our server doesn't contain emoji characters. Did you try to specify a font file using the @font-face rule?
venkatesan wrote on 2018-02-16:

We'r having same issue to display Emoji on PDF. And as you mentioned i used custom font using font face. But still no luck it comes empty in pdf. I have checked normal HTML content font is supporting with all emoji character.

I Use font face like following :

@font-face {
font-family: 'emojione';
src: url('http://localhost/ui_changes/emojione-svg.otf') format("opentype");

and i have got font from Emojione ( please download font from this site. As our attachment size restricted to 200kb I coud't attach.
support wrote on 2018-02-16:
Are you using the new Beta API?

Could you try ttf font instead otf?
venkatesan wrote on 2018-02-20:
Sorry for delay Response . No I used Paid Version only.
Note: In my previous question *PDF Empty* is not hole PDF. Just Emoji is not appearing rest content is fine.
I tried even .ttf also no luck. I have doubt on font supporting also If you can suggest any Font which will support emoji. more welcome. thanx.
support wrote on 2018-02-20:
Please use the new API. It's solved there.