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Blacklisted URL. Contact us if you believe it is a mistake

mparks wrote on 2016-02-21:
I just now tried adding the link <a href="//">Save to PDF</a> to my report page and received the message

"Blacklisted URL. Contact us if you believe it is a mistake"

In my browser window.
support wrote on 2016-02-22:

If you can post (or send to a link to your report page with a "Save to PDF" link implementation, we will look into the issue.
mparks wrote on 2016-02-22:
The problem is you would have to log in to view the page. It is password protected for internal users only.
support wrote on 2016-02-24:

I'm sorry but we are not able to advise in this case. Save to PDF link doesn't work in pages that require a login.