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Using this caused massive # of views on my page and used up my bandwidth

mparks wrote on 2016-02-13:
I tried adding <a href="//">Save to PDF</a> to the footer of a data page in Caspio. Suddenly the views on that page increased from 3-4 per day to 5000-9000 per day which used up all of my bandwidth allocation at Caspio. The minute I deleted <a href="//">Save to PDF</a> from my page these views stopped so there is no doubt whatever caused this was due to pdfcrowd. Everyone using pdfcrowd in my Caspio application loved it and I would like to continue using it...but there is something not right going on that I don't understand. Any suggestions?
support wrote on 2016-02-16:

This is strange. Adding a static link to your page definitely should not cause increased page views. Can you check your logs to see where the excessive traffic comes from?
mparks wrote on 2016-02-21:
I'm using a data page embedded into an html page on my website. If I put <a href="//">Save to PDF</a> into the footer of my page then I get the thousands of page views and gigs of bandwidth usage. If I remove <a href="//">Save to PDF</a> from my footer then everything returns to normal usage. I can't imagine what might be happening here. I don't have access to the logs at unfortunately.